How to Ignite Passion, Joy and Excitement in the Woman You Love
By Ellen Kreidman, New York: Dell, 1991

Light Her Fire:

Don't try these ideas unless you want nights of sensuous pleasure, adventure beyond your wildest fantasies, a passionate lover, true intimacy, a responsive woman or to become the man most women only dream about.

Top 15 Traits That Turn Women Off or On

entwined valentines
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Laziness
  • Lack of humor
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of goals
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of tenderness
  • Negativity
  • Self-centeredness
  • Extreme jealousy
  • Insecurity
  • Smothering dependence
  • Self-pity
  • Lack of trust
  • No ambition
entwined valentines
  • Confidence
  • Sense of Humor
  • Intelligence
  • Support Sensitivity
  • Self-worth
  • Goals
  • Imagination
  • Independence
  • Desire
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Decisiveness
  • Sense of Integrity
  • Dignity

  1. Display her photograph in your wallet or in a frame at work.
  2. Give her a rest: sleep in, go shop, spend a few hours along without the children.
  3. Put post-it notes everywhere: I love you; You are Beautiful; I'm lucky to have my wife!
  4. Take her first class for the evening: limo, flowers, concert, dinner, dancing.
  5. Plan a cruise, bring her brochures, far in advance so she can look forward to it.
  6. Take her on a picnic with wine, flowers and food, in a secluded spot; bring poetry.
  7. Ring her bell: bring home a rose, ring the doorbell and say, "This is for you!"
  8. Bring home dinner; call her and tell her not to worry about dinner; take care of it.
  9. Record a cassette tape stating how much you love her and why, with a song.
  10. Give her a stuffed animal with a personal note: a monkey with a note saying, "I'm ape over you! Let's monkey around!"

valentineLove is putting on the electric blanket before she gets into bed so that it's toasty warm for her.
valentineLove is getting into the car a few minutes before her and saying, "I'll warm up the car for you, honey."
valentineLove is putting your arm around her and asking if she is warm enough.
valentineLove is calling her from work and asking if she needs anything from the grocery store on your way home.
valentineLove is locking all the doors and windows at night to make sure she feels safe.
valentineLove is bringing her a cup of coffee in the morning and putting it on her night table next to the bed.
valentineLove is being extra quiet in the morning if you have to get up earlier than she does.
valentineLove is not rustling papers in bed if you have a lot of reading to do when she's trying to sleep.
valentineLove is calling her from work for no other reason than to tell her how much you love her.
valentineLove is greeting her at the car to help her carry in the grocery bags.
valentineLove is telling your friends in front of her how wonderful she it.
valentineLove is leaving the house and garage lights on if she's coming home late.
valentineLove is you getting out of bed to see why the dog is barking.
valentineLove is asking her what program she'd like to see on TV.
valentineLove is noticing how pretty she looks without her having to ask.
valentineLove is helping her with the household chores such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and doing the windows.
valentineLove is helping her give the kids a bath and putting them to bed so she can relax.
valentineLove is helping her take off her boots or zipping up her dress.
valentineLove is helping her close the clasp of a necklace she wants to wear.
valentineLove is shaving and showering before you make love to her.
valentineLove is massaging her feet, back, neck or hands after a long day.
valentineLove is washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after eating, letting her rest if she has prepared the meal.
valentineLove is going with her to the doctor or dentist appointment if she is nervous.
valentineLove is you picking her up at the hospital the day she's being discharged.
valentineLove is remembering to put the toilet seat cover down when you're finished.
valentineLove is cleaning out the hairs in the sink after you've shaved.
valentineLove is being interested in knowing how her day was spent.
valentineLove is getting up to feed the baby at 3:00 a.m.
valentineLove is taking a long walk holding hands.
valentineLove is getting her a refill for her drink at a social function.
valentineLove is never taking your eyes off her to stare at another woman, no matter how attractive.
valentineLove is apologizing if you are wrong and saying nothing if you are right.
valentineLove is flirting with her when you're at a party.
valentineLove is scheduling her in your appointment book for a nice long lunch.
valentineLove is asking her to marry you again on the day of your anniversary.
valentineLove is asking her to dance with you right there in the kitchen, den or living room.
valentineLove is helping her map out directions to an appointment and even making a trial run the day before if necessary.
valentineLove is renting a romantic movie you know she would like to watch.

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