Keep It Something Special
Fan the Flame of Marital Love


Adapted from The Ten Second Kiss by Ellen Kreidman, Los Angeles: Renaissance, 1998

Components of the Plan:

Kisses, kisses and more kisses!
  • valentine The Ten-Second Kiss
  • valentine The Five-Second Compliment
  • valentine The Thirty-Minute Talk
  • valentine The Twenty-Second Hug
  • valentine The Sixty-Minute Seduction
  • valentine The Two-Hour Fantasy
  • valentine The Three-Minute Quickie
  • valentine The Two-Minute Belly Laugh
  • valentine The Twenty-Four Hour Day



Helpful Principles:

Act "As If":
You can create love every day by acting in a loving way and not worrying about whether you feel loving.

The Action Causes the Attraction:
In the beginning, they kissed, made each other feel special, talked, spent time together.

Styles of Loving:
Time spent together; service; touch; thoughtfulness (also, words).


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