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Personal Bio

Dr. Ray Wm. Smith, Ed.D.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

A Place of Healing, Restored Hope
and Renewed Faith
Integrating Theology and Psychology


Hello, I’m Dr. Ray Smith.

I am an ordained minister and a mental health counselor. In my counseling practice, I combine my Christian faith with my knowledge of mental therapy to provide you with counseling or therapy that involves faith in the practical work of resolving the personal issues that we all face. You may be concerned about a personal issue, or a traumatic event in your life, you might be struggling with addiction or questions of faith… working with me, you will find a gentle, supportive atmosphere of genuine guidance. Together, using the insights of our modern human understanding and our faith in God, we can walk the healing path. Don’t allow another day of suffering to pass without help, call me at: 509-466-6632

Dr Ray Smith

Counseling Services
Marriage Counseling: Our close relationship with our husband or wife changes over the years. Difficult events and situations can add stress that is hard to overcome; these are the times when we most need to be able to talk with our marriage partner. Counseling can help us talk with each other, strengthening the marriage bonds, helping each other through these life situations… giving the marriage renewed power and deeper love and understanding, while giving us more faith in our ability to face future challenges.

Family Counseling: Families are dynamic units with close contact between members. Events, both internal and external, can have a deep impact on the family unit, giving rise to issues and feelings that are best resolved through counseling that involves the whole family.

Teen Counseling: I enjoy working with teenagers; teens have amazing energies, fresh views and teens often know more than we adults give them credit for. Living in our modern world, teens can have conflicting ideas and feelings that are difficult to sort through. By providing a safe environment and a willing and informed ear, I can help a teenager find a path that leads to satisfying answers and the development of good decision making skills.

Group Counseling: Groups can often benefit from counseling that is designed to help individuals communicate. It is easy for the workplace to become clogged with miscommunications. This leads to inefficiencies and lower morale, dragging down the productivity of the business. By establishing clear communication and workplace boundaries, obstacles to production are lessened or removed and the work force functions better as a unit.

Insurance: I accept most insurances and employee assistance plans for solution-based counseling.