Your Beliefs About Anger

Assessing Your Beliefs About Anger

Your Beliefs About Anger begins with recognizing its signs and symptoms. You can uncover your rage, discover how you can use it for good and recover from old fears of anger.

Your beliefs about anger were shaped by your family and culture. Which of the following beliefs about anger do you hold? Check each true statement.

Ah! The sigh of relief.
  • A woman who is good or feminine does not express rage.
  • Anger and rage do not belong in a healthy relationship.
  • People will reject or abandon me if I get angry.
  • If I become enraged, I will lose all control and go crazy.
  • Anger is one of the deadliest sins.
  • When I feel rage, I will throw something, hurt or even injure.
  • Rage isn't worth the time.
  • If people feel anger toward me, it must be my fault.
  • If someone gets angry at me, then he/she doesn't love me anymore.
  • I deserve to feel guilty if I feel rage.
  • If I get angry, I am a selfish person.
  • I should try to be nice all the time.
  • I ought to put others first, even if I'm angry or they're angry.
  • Rage is frightening.

I Grew Up in a Too-nice Family

I never heard my parents argue or get angry. So rage used to scare me.

I had to learn that rage is a basic instinct to protect us (like a cave man seeing a tiger around his children).

Anger and rage are normal emotions. We can feel them without expressing them directly. We can work with them and turn them into positive energy by taking appropriate steps to solve problems. Anger is like a red warning light.

Rage tells me someone has crossed my boundaries, what my principles are and that I am an alive, healthy human being.

Anger energizes me to close the gap between right and wrong.

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