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People can be in mental or emotional pain for many reasons. Some hurting people may turn to substances like alcohol and drugs, or processes like gambling or pornography, to alleviate their sorrow and numb themselves against their pain. When the use of substances or process begin to control the lives of these people, we say they have become addicted.

The people who love these addicts, who cooperate with them, and become codependent in their behavior, often are compulsively seeking approval and/or avoiding conflict and rejection. Both of these people become trapped in behaviors that become life destroying, taking from them their self-reliance, their judgement and the balance in their lives.

The recognition that treatment is needed often begins with "bottoming out", this could be a DUI or a mandatory referral from work, sometimes it is initiated by a spouse who says they will no longer live with the addicted behavior. The therapy usually starts by overcoming personal defenses like denial, and then forming a therapeutic alliance to work together on eliminating the behavior, and working toward creating freedom for a new life.

I use the idea of Choicemaking as the outcome of addiction treatment. When people who have been addicted are able to exercise their freedom of choice, and realize the infinite number of choices available to them, they are able to make new decisions about their lives… decisions that stengthen them, helping them to leave their addiction behind.

Many times, a belief in God, a faith in the restoring power of Christ, can be the saving grace that helps us overcome the things we might do in a weak moment. In my office, my clients are encouraged to actively use their faith to live stronger lives.

Overcoming addiction alone can be very difficult. Therapy and discovering new behaviors can make a significant difference. If you desire to free yourself from your addiction or from a situation with someone who is addicted,
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