Crisis Prevention / Loss Recovery

One of my favorite slogans is "When the going gets rough, the tough recruit!"

Times do get rough for everyone. To be more resilient during those hard times, we need to recruit help.

Crisis Counseling, Spokane, WA

The materials in this section are ideas you can use when you (or someone close to you) is in a crisis. At crunch time, too often our brains go into fight-or-flight mode and we don't use our frontal lobes to problem solve, find alternatives and recruit help. James Bond and MacGyver always found a solution to their crises by staying cool under pressure and you can, too.

Suicidal thoughts and plans are a deep personal crisis. If you are feeling like you would be better off dead, call 9-1-1 and recruit their help immediately. If you are not at risk right now but have been, or fear you might become suicidal, then please call me for an appointment.

When I get called to do a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for a company, a crisis has already happened to their employees. Too often, the crisis is a death on their team or a crime at their workplace; they recruit me to come and help them deal with the impact on them from the crisis.

When the war in Iraq started, I went to Fairchild Air Force Base to work with the families of those who were deployed. Their fear and anxiety about their loved ones put them in a crisis and the military recruited help for them.

I think it is a sign of maturity to notice you're in a crisis and acknowledge you could use a hand in dealing with it. The President recruits a Cabinet to be ready for crisis management. So you can follow his good example when the going gets rough.


If the handouts here make you think you would like to recruit more help, then please give me a call at 509-466-6632.


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