Group Therapy

Group therapy offers clients an effective, efficient and economical option for healing relational and emotional issues. I like leading group therapy when the clients confront and encourage each other, a sort of combination risking looking at psychological defenses and offering the support to make growth safe.


Group therapy is effective because when fellow strugglers offer input to each other, the confrontation and the encouragement can be received more openly sometimes than when a therapist might say the same thing. When clients hear each other having some of the same thoughts and feelings, they don't feel so alone or insecure. By working together, clients learn from one another.


Group therapy is efficient because the clients are sharing the session, each taking a turn speaking, and all listening to the others. When clients see each other compassionately trying to serve what is best for the speaker, they are also growing. Clients often make great strides in a few months of working together.


Group therapy is economical because the cost of the therapy session is divided among the participants. The sessions are usually twice the length of an individual session, but more affordable by splitting the price by several group members. Some insurance companies cover the cost of group therapy, too. When clients feel each other invested in the therapy, they can tend to work harder.


Years ago I led a group therapy for eating disorders. The mix between clients of different ages and stages of recovery helped them, as well as gave hope.


In a group I led for love addiction, the participants were men and women, addicts and their spouses, young and middle age. As they listened to each other, they could hear things from other members of the group they had refused to hear from family members and friends.


I led a closed interpersonal relations group for a long time with another therapist. A young man in the group later told me how much it had meant for him to have the older women in the group give him so much positive feedback. The same words from a sister or mother he would not have heard.


Group therapy excites me because I see it as a way for people to change a lot in a kind environment in a relatively short time.



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