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It might seem a bit odd for a male therapist to specialize in providing therapy and counseling for women. Nevertheless, I have been successful in connecting with my women clients, and have been able to offer insights, support, tools and guidance that have proven effective for them.

Girls and young women are able to share their feelings (even the scary ones), value them and engage in intimacy starting at an early age. Meanwhile, boys and young men are coached to play through the pain, ignoring feelings while striving for independence and superiority through competition.

Women and men really aren't from different planets but sometimes the communication becomes so garbled that their messages get lost in the space between them. Part of my role in therapy is to serve as a translator of sorts.

Sometimes it can be so helpful to view a personal relationship play from the balcony seating instead of as a participant on the stage. In this way, it is possible to step back from things that are said or done that were insensitive… being able to see them less personally and more gender generically. This can make it easier to accept a relationship partner as he is, avoiding the stress that arises when we see our partners as insensitive or indifferent.

Years ago, women and men were more often cast into traditional roles; today, I see my sister, my women colleagues and friends in roles of their own choosing, negotiated with men they choose, and modeled for daughters they choose to raise in new ways.

Need a bit of help bridging the miscommunication space? Please call me: 466-6632.

W.O.M.A.N.S. Ministry

Dr. Ray has given presentations and offered a support group to the spouses of people with sexual addictions. The W.O.M.A.N.S. Ministry serves "Wives of Men Addicted to Nudity & Sex" in Spokane. Women who catch their husbands looking at pornography online, with explicit printed materials and movies, or looking too lustfully at other females, often feel degraded, betrayed, and helpless. Jesus said that looking at a woman other than your wife with lust is the same as adultery, one of the sins forbidden in the ten commandments. The biblical standards have not been sufficient to stop all lust. Men (and women) with sexual addictions need therapy just like any other addict. Their spouses need support, strategies, encouragement and tools to cope with their relationship while undergoing recovery.

View this video: What is Sexual Addiction and is it Real?

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